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MDAI is a compound developed by David E. Nichols at Purdue University. We have a very limited amount of the brown MDAI left (slightly more than we have on sale but not too much more). After this has gone, it is likely it won't be available again.

We are likely to be the only current source of this chemical.  It will become a lot cheaper if we find another source so please let us know if you know of any other stock available. We have heard that a chemical that is required to produce it is not available any more due to legal reasons and the only lab producing it closed down (Feb 2015 UPDATE: There are reports from a reputable vendor that it is soon to become available again somehow....FURTHER UPDATE: It seems that these claims of MDAI becoming available again elsewhere were unfounded but some good news is we actually have more stock than we thought so may have more on sale once this has sold....MAY 2015 UPDATE: There is now more mdai available elsewhere so we have reduced our prices).


We have put another 20 grams of our remaining batch for sale. Please note that we have been informed by a buyer who carried out some tests that the brown MDAI that we have is freebase and due to synthesis or decomposition by-products that haven't been analysed, the strength is between 65-75% MDAI. We have no more of the original sparkly white MDAI left but this one is comparable.


Please note that although this brown freebase MDAI was acquired from a reputable closing vendor, it had been in storage for some time in polythene bags so some of its potency may have diminished but it is still very potent. We have tested it as pure MDAI only so we guarantee that it is genuine and recent buyers have confirmed this.

GUIDELINES FOR ACCIDENTAL INGESTION: Although this compound has been shown as non-neurotoxic from some reports, it will likely cause serotonin release and subsequent depletion on ingestion. Seek immediate medical attention if any reasonable amount is suspected to have been consumed as this batch is active at doses in the single and definitely tens of milligrams and especially if SSRI antidepressants are also taken as this may cause dangerous serotonin syndrome. Symptoms noticeable from 10mg would be a slight chill within half an hour and entactogen effects. Long term effects are unknown and may be cardiotoxic with regular exposure.

Chemical Information
CAS 132741-81-2

This purchase must be paid by bank transfer only (10% discount applies) as it is supplied, shipped and processed separately from our other products! Shipping is still from the UK for this product.

If this product is in your cart you will not be able to use your Credit Card for the order so either purchase this product separately or pay using Bank Transfer for your entire order.


IMPORTANT: As with anything potentially hazardous, ensure you only experiment with this product WHEN IN A GOOD STATE OF MIND to prevent problems or compulsions. All products sold through FairChemicals.com are strictly not for human consumption or for any form of in-vivo research or experimentation. All compounds are supplied strictly for serious laboratory research and development use only, primarily reagent testing and GC/MS reference in well-equipped facilities with all necessary safety equipment and procedures in place. Buyer agrees that this research use is the sole purpose for purchasing these potentially harmful chemicals and they are strictly not to be used for anything else. We may provide emperical danger guidelines in our chemical descriptions for your added safety but SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ADVICE IF ACCIDENTALLY INGESTED. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for professional use on request and will soon be added to our downloads section we are working on.
Chemical Information
CAS 132741-81-2

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