Welcome, One and All

You may have noticed that it has been a while since we last traded but we have decided to come back to stock some items we believe may be useful for the global pandemic we are currently facing. Please remember that, in most cases, these items are not proven to have value and should only be used for research purposes (as is usual).

Regarding delivery, we will use tracked next delivery for most orders, although the couriers we choose will vary depending on availability. We have a small fixed delivery fee unless orders are over £100, in which case it is free. Our aim is to deliver within 24hours. 

We have disabled all our old news from years back so we can start afresh. Our telephone number is now disconnected so please contact us via email instead. We are also now VAT deregistered but this may change in the future again.

Similarly, you may have noticed our Facebook and Twitter accounts have long since been disabled but we may look into getting them back online.


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