Buy 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Rub - Travelsize 30ml

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
Buy 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Rub - Travelsize 30ml

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that essential hand sanitising products and raw materials have been in short supply. We have secured a small number of 5L bottles of a new product by the reputable InnuScience. This literally has only just come out (we even had to email them to confirm the product was genuine, since it isn't featured on their website) but is already sold out by the distributor. To help, we have carefully filled smaller containers for easy mailing and carrying (we often shook the main container before refills to ensure even composition). We mainly chose 30ml containers because this is the exact amount dispensed each time the pump is fully depressed.

The MSDS data sheet is available here after purchase: https://fairchemicals.com/account/download. Please note we believe there is a small error in the percentage alcohol on the datasheet. It should read 60-70%, not 50-70%. This is corroborated on the label which states a composition of 70% alcohol and more specifically also mentions greater than 60% ethanol, less then 30% aqua, less than 5% glycerol and also a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide (less than 0.2%). This also suggests the alcohol content is around 65-70% if water is less than 30% in addition to less than 5% glycerol.

WHO guidelines suggest only alcoholic sanitisers are proven to kill the novel coronavirus and that thicker formulations are not recommended : "No data are available to assess the suitability of adding gelling agents to the WHO-recommended liquid formulations, but this could increase potentially both production difficulties and costs, and may compromise antimicrobial efficacy."

So please be careful not to buy a hand sanitiser that is too thick, or worse, has no glycerol or other emollients to soften the skin. Some on the market don't seem to contain any and this may cause cracking of the skin and greater susceptibility to infection. It has also been noted that the use of quality alcohol hand sanitiser rubs may protect the hands from viruses for many hours after use.


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